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All new Focus - SE vs ST

All new Focus - SE vs ST

A week after our Colony Customs Focus SE build, our Focus ST finally arrived!

The ST has tons to shout about; with its 252 hp / 270 ft-lbs tq Ecoboost motor, mated to a 6-speed transmission all under the hood. Sitting inside, you're wrapped in high-bolstered Recaro leather racing style seats, your feet press against the brushed aluminum pedals and the leather wrapped steering wheel feels nice to grasp. Visually ahead of you, on the top of the dash you can't help but notice the three engine data gauges. These three sport dials tell you your turbo boost pressure, engine oil temperature and also engine oil pressure.
Yes, the ST is at the top of the food chain when it comes to Ford sport compacts. The competition to this car would be the Audi A3, Volkswagen GTI, Mazdaspeed 3 and the Honda Civic Si Sedan.

With all that the ST has to offer, one must ask themselves if that's really what they need. It does indeed have all the bells and whistles, not to mention performance capabilities that make it a top contender in the race circuit world. With that said, not everyone is looking for a street legal race car. Although the looks of the ST are surely head-turning, our Focus SE modified by Colony Customs is more than enough car for the real world.

Today's GTA roads already have too many cars on it, meaning that even if you own a high horsepower car, the only place to really utilize that speed is on a racing course. The seats in the ST are super comfortable and very supportive, but again, those high-bolstered supportive seats are overkill for use on our roads.
Our Colony Custom Edition Focus SE is the right balance for our GTA roads. It has the head-turning looks, proper stance, great suspension and a manual gearbox. The stock seats in any of the new Focus' are already pretty race-car oriented, with modestly high side bolsters. As well, the stock European handling already gives it a sports car like feeling in the bends. Our Focus SE, although not as fast as the ST in a straight line, will be an overall cheaper car to own: both in purchasing cost and insurance.

So you decide, what's best for you and your lifestyle... Are you the occasional race enthusiast that plans to take your Focus and compete at the track? Or are you a car enthusiast that can use a nice balance of cost-effective styling, performance and efficiency? Depending on how you purchase your Focus ST or SE, the price difference between the two is quite significant... The ST will come in at anywhere from $7,500 - $10,000 more than our white Colony Custom Focus SE.

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