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Alex's Tech Tip of the Week: Keeping your car clean and preventing corrosion

Alex's Tech Tip of the Week: Keeping your car clean and preventing corrosion

We have seen many freezing cold days this winter, washing your vehicle
on these frigid days isn't exactly a great idea if the vehicle can't be
dried properly; windows, doors and locks would freeze.
On a mild day, it's very important that you have your vehicle washed every couple of weeks so that road salt doesn't sit and
corrode at areas that rain water can't wash away (such as quarter
panels, door sills, exterior trim). Having your vehicle oil sprayed
yearly significantly protects from corrosion and covers areas you can't
see behind the exterior panels. Undercoating is essential to preventing
frame rails and floor boards from corroding, as road debris can chip at
the paint and expose bare metal to road salt and water.

care of the interior also helps maintain exterior corrosion. Floor mats
play a big roll in preventing your floor from corroding. If you are
using regular carpet mats, when you get into your vehicle on a slushy,
wet or snowy day, the water (and salt) from your boots soak into your
carpet and onto the metal floor. Since that contaminated water is just
sitting there with no where to go, it slowly starts to corrode at the
floor pan which eventually weakens the metal and leads to rust.
prevent this, purchase rubber floor mats! This creates a barrier that
prevents water from soaking into your floor pans. Our parts department
also sells "WeatherTech mats that mold to the complete footing area of
each vehicle, so that there's no run off.

Happy and Safe Driving!

P.S. Kicking your boots together to knock any dirt, snow or slush before entering your vehicle goes a long way.

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