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3 Reasons to Start the Year with a New Ford

3 Reasons to Start the Year with a New Ford

As any experienced driver knows, driving through a Canadian winter
comes with a wide range of different hazards. Not only do you need to worry
about black ice, freezing rain, and sudden blizzards, the ice and sand that are
spread on highways and roads to combat these dangers
be incredibly damaging
to even the best vehicle.

Not every car on the road right now has what it takes to make it
through safely until spring, and if you aren’t sure whether your current
vehicle is up to the challenges if winter, here are three reasons to visit your
local Ford dealership in Brampton and
start the new year with a new or pre-owned Ford vehicle.

1. Safety

Staying safe while navigating winter roads is always a top
priority for Canadian drivers. But
defensive driving
and emergency preparedness are an important
part of making sure you avoid accidents and collisions on icy roads, if you don’t
have a reliable vehicle in good working condition, there is only so much you
can do.

Purchasing a Ford SUV like the hot
new Ford Edge
is a great way to make sure you spend the rest of the winter in a
vehicle designed to weather everything from snow squalls to ice storms, and
which is equipped with the best safety features money can buy.

2. Style

But shopping for a new car in January isn’t just about making sure
you don’t have a nightmare breakdown in the depths of winter.

January is a slow season in the automotive market, which means it
is the perfect time to find
deals on
Mustangs in Brampton
— when spring
comes around, everyone dreams of taking to the road in a breathtaking new 2019
Mustang. But if you decide to shop at the beginning of the year, you might be
surprised at range of exciting Mustang vehicles that are available.


3. Savings

No one wants to spend more than they need to on car, and one of
the reasons why customers from across the GTA have now been coming to Colony
Ford for nearly have a century is due to the incredible savings.

Whether you are looking to buy brand new or want to find a quality
pre owned
Ford in Brampton
we are the best place to start looking. With a
range of deals available on some of our most popular models — from the
legendary Ford Explorer to
the innovative EcoSport and the
best-selling Ford Escape — Colony Ford is a great place to find a used Ford
that will get you where you need to go, rain, shine, wind, or snow.

According to The
Toronto Star
, there are around 160,000 traffic accidents in
Canada every year, with a high percentage of these occurring during the winter.
This year, don’t take any chances with your safety: replace your old vehicle
with a brand new or pre-owned Ford.

At Colony Ford, we can help you make sure you enter the most
unpredictable months of the year in a vehicle designed to keep you safe and warm,
no matter what. With incredible deals on some of the most popular cars in
Canada, we can help you face whatever the worst weather with a smile.  

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