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3 Reasons to Make Your Next Vehicle a Pre-Owned Ford

3 Reasons to Make Your Next Vehicle a Pre-Owned Ford

When shopping for a new vehicle, drivers have never faced as much choice as they do now. With dozens of brands and hundreds of potential models vying for their attention, narrowing down the search list to those few key options can be difficult. 
This is especially true given that each individual and each family has their own particular needs. What works for a single commuter in the suburbs of Toronto won’t necessary be ideal for a family of four living in rural Ontario, and the question of which car is best is always, implicitly, the question of which car is best for you. 
Ford Brampton
 we believe that all shoppers have the right to a car that fits their lifestyle and their budget. And we believe that for most people, a used Ford will strike the perfect balance between affordability, performance, and comfort. 
If you are in the market for a new vehicle, here are three reasons to go for a used Ford car, truck, or SUV. 
1. Selection
Ford makes a lot of different kinds of vehicle, and this means that when you’re shopping for a used Ford, you have access to a wide range of different options, many of which stand as national exemplars of quality and engineering. 
Looking for a mid-size crossover SUV? The Ford Edge is one of the top rated in its class. Need a reliable full-size pickup that works even harder than you do? The Ford F-150 is the bestselling vehicle in North America. Whether you are looking for sedans, hatchbacks, trucks, crossovers, or full-size SUVs, Colony Ford in Brampton has you covered.  
2. Style
One of the things often noted in reviews of vehicles like the legendary Ford F-150 is how stylish and upmarket they are — the latest model 

with massaging seats
and a panoramic sunroof. While Ford does have a separate luxury arm, Lincoln, it also puts a lot of care into ensuring that its vehicles are not just functional, but also look great. 

Buying a used car doesn’t need to mean purchasing a vehicle that is purely functional. When you shop for a pre owned cars and trucks Ford at Colony Ford in Brampton, you have access to sleek new designs and cabin comfort that is far ahead of the competition. 
If you’re tired of used vehicles that look like yesterday’s cast offs, buy a used Ford Edge or 

Fusion from 2017
 or 2018. You’ll be getting a good-as-new vehicle at a surprisingly low price-point.  

3. Safety
Ford has long proven itself to be a leader in automotive safety. Our new vehicles have come equipped with cutting edge safety options for years, and this means that a used Ford from 2017 or 2018 will still offer industry-leading safety features like like blind spot monitoring and adaptive cruise control. 
Buying a new car can seem like a huge decision, and many car owners keep running their current vehicle long after it has started to wear down out of a desire to put off the stress of replacing it. 
The good news is that when you shop for a used car at Colony Ford in Brampton, it is easy to find a vehicle that suits your lifestyle perfectly without emptying your bank account. This month, stop by your local Ford dealership and explore the selection, style, and safety features we have on offer. We guarantee you will find something you like!

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