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3 Reasons To Get Behind The Wheel Of A Ford This Fall

3 Reasons To Get Behind The Wheel Of A Ford This Fall

When it comes to
shopping for a new car, fall is one of the hottest seasons in the year. Between
the new 2019 models that are just starting to arrive, and shoppers who are
looking for a great deal on a 2018 model before the end of the year, at no
point in the year is there more selection. And with great sales coming up for
the holiday season, this is the best time of year to find an incredible deal on
that new truck, car, or SUV you’ve been eyeing up all summer.  


This year, there are
more reasons than ever to make that new vehicle a Ford. Ford maintains the
highest standards of engineering, design, and safety, and Ford vehicles have a
long history of setting trends for the entire auto industry.


If you still aren’t sure
whether a Ford is right of you, here are three reasons to
visit your local Brampton Ford Dealership to find out which Ford vehicle can
revolutionize the way you drive.


1. The 2019 Mustang


At Colony Ford, we know
our Mustangs. Not only do we have an extensive collection of classic and
contemporary Mustangs for sale, we also specialize in Mustang customization and
personalization — so you can believe us when we say that the new 2019
is one of the most exciting of its generation.


The 2019 Mustang,
inspired by the highland green Mustang GT driven by Steve McQueen in his 1968
Bullitt, rides high with the power of 480 horses, plus all the latest
tech features. It even comes with the iconic eight ball stick shift that
McQueen’s character used in the movie. If you want to experience all this
energy yourself, get in touch with us today and book your test drive.




2. Ford Has An
Incredible Number Of New SUVs


In the area of sport
utility vehicles, Ford has always been a pioneer. From early nameplates like
the Bronco to classic full-size SUVs like the Explorer, Ford is an innovator
and setter of benchmarks.


This tradition continues
with the
, the newest Ford SUV
built for the North American market. The EcoSport, a subcompact crossover,
offers drivers the agility, fuel-efficiency, and small size of a sedan-like car
with the energy, power, and thrust of an SUV. If you want to choose the SUV
that is just right for you, no dealership will offer you the same range as
Colony Ford. 


3. Used Fords Offer
Range And Quality


autumn rolls around and the weather starts getting colder, many drivers take
the opportunity to take stock of their vehicle and ask themselves honestly if
they can make it through another winter. If you don’t think your current car,
truck, or SUV is up to the challenge of keeping you safe and warm on those icy
Canadian roads,
get a deal on a used Ford this
at Colony Ford
in Brampton.


We have a
wide range of used pre-owned vehicles, all of which have been carefully
inspected and screened, so you’ll only be buying the very best. Whether you
need a compact Fiesta that is easy on fuel,
a crossover SUV that can handle the worst that winter throws at
it, or a hard-working truck that can haul equipment through even the nastiest
blizzards, there’s something for you at Colony. 


The Ford
Motor Company is one of North America’s most legendary automobile producers,
and buying a Ford isn’t just buying a functional new vehicle: it’s buying
quality, style, and a whole way of life. If you want to drive one the world’s
greatest cars, visit Colony Ford in Brampton today, and get behind the wheel of
a new or used Ford truck, car, or SUV. You won’t be disappointed!

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