Want To Save On Gas? Check Out These 3 Eco-Friendly Ford Vehicles

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For most Canadians, fuel economy is a key factor when looking for a new vehicle. With gas prices stubbornly high, finding a vehicle that goes further on a tank of gas is one of the best ways to save money, and car companies are designing their vehicles accordingly: across the board, cars are becoming more environmentally friendly. Here are three Ford vehicles that are offering innovative solutions for drivers who want better fuel economy without sacrificing performance.




1. EcoSport


The EcoSport is one of the newest additions to Ford’s North American line-up, and if you stop by your Ford dealership this fall, it has probably already established itself as one of the most exciting vehicles on the lot. As a subcompact crossover SUV, it brings together the ruggedness and sporty attitude of classic SUVs like the Ford Edge with a smaller, more agile body size. This allows the EcoSport to deliver a degree of fuel economy unmatched by larger SUVs, while still giving drivers the thrust, power, safety, and reliability that have made sport utility vehicles such an essential part of the North American automotive market over the past twenty years.


2. Mustang EcoBoost


When Ford’s iconic Mustang line-up got a redesign in 2013 in advance of the brand’s fiftieth anniversary, one of the most exciting changes was the new engine option made available for entry-level Mustangs. After decades of the reliable V-6, the latest entry-level Mustangs came equipped with Ford’s signature 2.3-litre 310 horsepower EcoBoost engine. With an EcoBoost engine, Ford’s most famous car lost almost nothing in power and energy, and with less weight under the front hood, it become more agile and dextrous. Perhaps best of all, the new engine is much more efficient, meaning that you can race to your heart’s content without needing to visit the pump so often.


If you want to buy a Mustang in Brampton then Colony’s range of EcoBoost Mustangs are a must-try. We have decades of experience selling Mustang cars, and our automotive experts can help you find the perfect Mustang for your lifestyle.


3. Ford Ranger


One of the biggest pieces of automotive news for 2019 is the return of the Ford Ranger to North American markets. The Ranger is a mid-size truck perfect for drivers who want a tough, reliable workhorse but don’t need a vehicle as large and powerful as the F-150. The Ranger gives drivers a chance to save money on gas without having to reduce their performance expectations. 


As a new vehicle, the Ranger will appeal most to those who want a truck that is just off the assembly line, but if you want to get a deal on a used Ford in Brampton, Colony has you covered on that front as well. We offer a wide range of used trucks from Ford and from other prominent brands, including a variety of different F-150s. If you need a vehicle that can get the job done but you aren’t sure you need something that is brand-new, then a pre-owned Ford truck from Colony Ford is the answer.


If industry experts are correct, gas prices are unlikely to go down at any point in the near future, and if you want to make sure your next vehicle doesn’t burn a hole through your wallet, check out these fantastic eco-friendly options at Colony Ford in Brampton. We guarantee that you’ll be impressed by what you find!