Find Great Deals On The Ford That Fits Your Personality

With the New Year ahead, it’s time to shake things up. If you feel like you’ve been behind the wheel of the wrong vehicle, or if it’s starting to feel a bit battered, you’d be surprised about the benefits of buying a new car or truck. You’d be amazed just what your car says about you. There’s a major connection between what you drive and how others perceive you – and what you think about yourself. If you’re feeling off about the wheels you’re in, New Year’s is a great time to save when you buy a new Ford car or truck.


You’ve probably had your eye on a new vehicle already, but if you’re not sure what kind of Ford is right for you, you can always take the Colony Ford Brampton Ford personality test. Tell us what you value in a vehicle - driving ability, durability, spaciousness, speed - what you plan to use your vehicle for, and your personal tastes. Ford is the brand of choice for pragmatists and rock-solid friends. You’ll be in good company when you come to visit Colony Ford Brampton – we’ve been helping drivers in Brampton get into Fords for 45 years and we plan to stick around.




What Does a Ford F150 Say About You?


The Ford F150 is the truck for everyone’s favorite friend. You’re caring and social, always ready to lend a hand, and popular. You’re everyone’s friend with a truck and you’re always happy to help. You’re also a leader and an entrepreneur, someone who isn’t afraid to get down to business and succeed thanks to your own initiative. Check out our new and certified pre owned Fords this New Year to find a great deal on an incomparable truck. There’s a reason the Ford F150 is the bestselling pick up around; it’s durable, powerful, and comfortable enough to commute in.


What Does a Ford Mustang Say About You?


If you value speed and showing up in style, the Ford Mustang is the car for you. It says that you're all about adventure and spontaneity - the Ford Mustang is the car you need to keep up with your spirit. You’re never dull and hate to be bored.


When you drive a Ford Mustang and you need to replace a part or you want to customize your ride, you need real Ford parts, or parts backed by Ford. With our service centre and Colony Customs department, you can contact us for info about Ford parts and how to keep your machine running the way it’s meant to.


No matter which Ford is right for you, we have it at Colony Ford Brampton. When you buy your next car with us, you’re guaranteed to get the car that fits your lifestyle and your personality, at a price that fits your budget. Don’t miss our incredible New Year’s deals and finish off the holidays with the perfect gift for yourself.

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