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2013 Mustang Cobra Jet

2013 Mustang Cobra Jet

Considering we are only a few months away from 2013, the 2013 Mustang Cobra Jet is news to us! Back in the late 60s/early 70s, if you owned a Mustang with the Cobra Jet engine, you were at the top of the food chain when it comes to muscle cars. That motor packed 335hp and 445 ft-lbs torque, making it THE powerhouse for it's time.

Now there's a new one... but this is no wolf in sheep's clothing. With so many factory race options, it is very easy to differentiate this Mustang from the rest... Equipped through Ford Racing, it comes with a full roll cage, enormous racing slicks on the back, a 3-speed transmission with shift kit, racing seats with "Cobra Jet" integrated into them, a racing steering wheel, toggle switches and more. This car is pretty much an out-of-the-box drag racer from Ford.

With prices starting at $86,000 (for the naturally aspirated version) to $93,000 (for the supercharged version) this car will be a limited production to 50 units sold. It is safe to say that for the money and considering either one of these cars will do the quarter mile in less than 10 seconds, it's certainly a bargain for a production speed machine. We are pretty sure this car is only available to the U.S market at the time.

Here at Colony Ford Lincoln, we appreciate cars with more than one function... In this case, the Cobra Jet is super cool, but it's only purpose is to run in a straight line (and super quick at that). Factory production race cars are always interesting to see, but if all they can do is go in a straight line, this car is certainly not for us. The original 1968 Cobra Jet would be more useful since it could actually corner (since it didn't have skinny tires up front), now that's a car that would do it for us. We will always be big fans of the Mustang GT, Boss 302 and the Shelby GT500.

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