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2013 Ford Fusion - Goes as Good as it Looks

2013 Ford Fusion - Goes as Good as it Looks

We have just received our first pair of 2013 Fusions... Just like the write-up last week on the 2013 Escape, the Fusion is now a contender with luxury cars from other brands that are priced significantly higher. The SE model that we have on the lot (about $1,000 more than the base S model) has features that you wouldn't expect for a car just under $28,000. The styling of the exterior immediately looks like it was designed with some Aston Martin DNA, the sleek lines were also developed so that the aerodynamics would assist in fuel mileage, every part of the exterior was considered right down to the side mirrors. The interior is very inviting and elegant, with the door panels flowing and matching nicely to the dashboard. All of the interior bits have just the right amount of detail, our SE has some nice brushed aluminum and piano black trim pieces. The parking brake lever has been replaced with a button on the center console (say goodbye to seized, stretched or broken hand brake cables), and the shifter lever, wrapped in leather and aluminum, has the manual shift button option as well.
Another thing that is pretty neat, if you look at the front left lower grill you'll see a small black dome shaped cap. Open it and you'll find the plug for your block heater! It's about time a car company made it easier and more inviting to plug your car in at night so that it's warm and ready to go in the morning. As well, if you purchase a Fusion without the push button start button (proximity key), you will still receive a switch-blade style key to start the car.

Everything listed above are standard on the SE and S model Fusions. When you add in the additional options that are available, this car really is a top contender for best bang for the buck!

Be sure to stay tuned on a short review video we are putting together on the new Fusion

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