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Ford apparently has no intention of being left behind in the EV race, and with the F-150 Lightning, the company has set down a marker for possibly the best all-electric pickup yet released. The Ford F-150 pickup truck is North America's best-selling vehicle of all time, of any kind, thanks to its impressive combination of comfort,....Read More

The Ford F-150 is North America's best-selling vehicle of any kind and of all time. And while the gas-based models of these trucks provide ample power for everyday use, there's no doubt that the time of gasoline is fast coming to an end. The great news for F-150 devotees is that Ford has released a....Read More

There's no doubt that the future of driving is electric, but during these years of transition away from gas, there's a choice to be made when buying a vehicle. Should you buy an all-electric model or a hybrid? Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and the current Ford lineup includes models to suit both options....Read More

A little bit of mystery was lost when Ford unveiled both the Bronco and Bronco Sport SUVs on the very same day, but the Bronco Sport is not just a "Baby Bronco," and the debate between the two is not just an either/or situation. Exterior and Interior Size and Styling One of the main differences Read More

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Drive Safely in Winter in a Ford Spring may be around the corner, but March is still a cold month that sees a lot of snow and ice on the road. Just like you need to be extra careful driving when the sun is setting and the streets become dark, don’t get complacent about safe Read More


The Ford Edge is One Underrated SUV Every automaker has a few best-selling vehicles that are household names, and models which don’t achieve legendary popularity. The Ford Edge is not on everyone’s radar, as it represents the first SUV from the Ford performance team. It embodies high points of engineering, innovation, and design....Read More


Technology creates absolute marvels. When cars were first invented, they were rightly considered a marvel of technology. Now, the level of innovation taking place inside vehicles is truly staggering, from infotainment systems to smart safety features. Let’s take a few moments to appreciate some of the most advanced safety technology found in today’s Ford vehicles....Read More

New Year with Ford

What’s New in the New Year with Ford Vehicles? It’s a new year, and that means change is in the air. While most people are considering which new year’s resolutions they’ll try to carry out, Ford has been planning some big things for a while now. From new SUVs and trucks to the latest technology,....Read More

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Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Everybody! The holiday season should be a time to relax with friends and family. 2020 has been a year unlike any other, but we’ve got through it together. The pandemic has been going on for months. It’s essential for everybody to continue implementing the safety measures....Read More

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Get to Work This Christmas with a New Ford Truck The Christmas holidays give people time to rest, relax, and unwind. This year’s celebrations will be different and smaller amid travel restrictions designed to limit the spread of COVID-19, but seeing the Christmas lights brighten up the winter darkness will surely be a welcome sight for all!....Read More

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